Tuesday, 6 May 2014

How I became obedient

The nature of any person is being shaped in childhood. The way I brought up I wasn't allowed to do many things.. You shouldn't go road side ... No talking with strangers.. Don't get anything from others even if its your friend giving you for free..no foul words..no quarrel.. don't decide anything by your own. talk to us if you want anything, we will decide whether you need or not..
etc.. and some funny ones like don't run inside house.. floor will break.. don't make this much noise like a Hippo.. Don't touch TV, it will stop working...

But when I think back, its not the restrictions but the way I reacted to them is interesting. I was neither happy nor frustrated. May be its some of my experience that made me obedient. I can remember one incident. One of my friend gave me a post card with a wonderful picture on one side. He told "Its yours" "Really ? !!"  "yes". I was so happy. I put it somewhere safe in my room. After one month he came back to me and asked about his Post card. Now he want that back !!. I said OK.. I went to my room and searched for the Post Card. But I couldn't find it. He threatened me to tell teacher and parents that I took his Post Card and not giving it back. This parent -Teacher threatening made me so upset. Then somehow I managed to find it in couple of days. By that time couple of lessons was learnt by my subconscious mind. Always follow the directions/commands from elders. And "never get anything from others even if its your friends !!".

And now I know, this particular 'law' was so strong in my mind that I didn't break it for a long time since I turned mature enough say 18 years or so...

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