Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Fear is an interesting emotion. There won't be anyone in the world without any fear. There are different types of fear ranging from Acrophobia (Fear of height) to Nomophobia (Fear of losing mobile phone).

Here is a list of different phobias. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_phobias.

I have a special type of Social Phobia which became a reason for this blog. I believe my fear is a version of Anthropophobia. My problem is talking to people or being in a social gathering. I'm not like I hate people. In fact I love people and I like to be with them. But only that I like to be with them without showing my presence. In other words I like to be with them as I'm watching a movie. I neither want to have a conversation with them nor a conversation about me.

But then how I would tell people about myself, my dreams, my feelings.... I can't talk to them. I am afraid of their responses when I do that, whether would they embarrass me in a group. Or would they talk to other guys about me and laugh at me or would I have to face difficult follow up questions in future !!! etc. etc.

So what I can do is post it somewhere and open that to the world. Internet and google is there to help me. It just now reminded me of a joke I heard. Two guys were speaking in local language. "Google can do anything. Google is father of everyone "  "May be yours... but Not Mine !!"

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